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First post, progress report!

Get ready for the biggest Ruffle announcement yet! And the first one on the blog!

Huge improvements to Ruffle's AVM1 engine accuracy!

Thanks to a massive code refactor by @CUB3D, dozens upon dozens of ActionScript 2 games have been fixed! Here are just a few of them:

Incredible progress in AVM2 (ActionScript 3) support!

  • Our website now has a page listing exactly what ActionScript 3 APIs we have implemented, making it easy to follow our progress. It will be frequently updated!
  • XML support is rapidly improving! ActionScript 3 games tend to use a wide variety of XML methods. As Ruffle gains support for these methods, games are springing to life!
  • Several problems that caused unresponsive buttons and menus have been fixed. Unclickable buttons in ActionScript 3 games are (mostly) a thing of the past!
  • Other major refactors are in progress to improve Ruffle's compatibility with ActionScript 3 frameworks like Haxe.
  • @Aaron1011 is working on Stage3D support! Thanks to his work, the gorgeous interstellar strategy game Solarmax 2 is now fully playable in Ruffle on the desktop player! Check out the video below.

Many of the fan-favorite Flipline games are now playable! Check them out:

Here are just a few more of the many ActionScript 3 games that are playable today in Ruffle!

Last but not least, support for mobile devices is improving in a big way!

  • Text input boxes are finally supported on mobile devices! Tapping on a text box within Flash content now brings up the soft keyboard, so you can type into it without using a bluetooth keyboard or other workarounds.
  • The context menu finally works on iOS! It is activated by a long-press on the screen. To stop this behavior if needed, simply tap the "Hide this menu" option.

We have even more improvements coming very soon!

  • The latest releases now have dynamic audio buffering, making audio playback in the most demanding content much smoother! (Thanks to @szőlő)
  • A bug that causes some AVM2 games' intro sounds to repeat over and over will soon be fixed. (Thanks to @Aaron1011)
  • @Dinnerbone is working on improving drawing accuracy for thin/hairline strokes and scaled objects. You can follow his progress here.