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Browser Extension

If you visit websites that have Flash content but aren't using Ruffle, or you want to ensure you're using the latest and greatest version of Ruffle on every website, then our browser extension is the perfect thing for you!

Available in the Chrome Web StoreGet the Add-On for FirefoxGet it from Microsoft for Edge

Website Package

You can install Ruffle onto a website using one single line of code by using a CDN, no extra work required! It'll always stay up to date with the latest available version of Ruffle.

<script src=""></script>

If you'd like to host it yourself, you can grab the latest self-hosted package and upload it to your server. Then, include it on your page like so:

<script src="path/to/ruffle.js"></script>

For advanced usage, consult our documentation for our JavaScript API and installation options.

Desktop Application

If you want to run Flash content on your computer without a browser in-between, we have native applications that will take full advantage of your GPU and system resources to get those extra frames when playing intense games.